Kim Kardashian vs. Shanna Moakler: Cat Fight!

Kim Kardashian vs. Shanna Moakler: Cat Fight!-photo

Fellow Playboy alumni Shanna Moakler and Kim Kardashian are embroiled in a public feud that started over the weekend at Carmen Electra's barbecue in Malibu.

The basis of the delight trouble is Shanna Moakler's claim that bootylicious Kardashian cheated on Reggie Bush with Shanna's ex-husband Travis Barker.

Speaking exclusively to Celebuzz, Kim insists: "I was simply a model for Travis, that's it!"

Moakler and Barker's tumultuous relationship ended for the last time in July 2007. The former Mrs. Barker claims she has email proof of Kim's affair with Travis during their marriage.

In an interview with The Dirty, Moakler referred to Kardashian as a "donkey" with a "double-wide ass," further hurling insults on her MySpace blog.

Moakler admitted to throwing a drink in Kim's face during the barbecue. When Reggie intervened, Moakler told him, "Your girl's a whore!"

Kim responded on her website. " I ONLY had a professional relationship with Travis, in which he hired me to represent his brand for one season, which was a year and a half ago."

Kardashian did admit to a part in the situation by showing up to the BBQ wearing a shirt from Barker's clothing line, but added: " I have nothing against the parties involved and don't know why they feel the way they do."

Clearly, Shanna's always down for a fight over her man—whether it's over MySpace with Lindsay Lohan or giving Paris Hilton a beat-down for messing around with Travis during their messy break-up.

Given the fact that Moakler seems to be a brawler, maybe Kim should start working out—not to lose weight, but to defend herself.



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  • keepin it real
    keepin it real

    If Shanna has proof. The whole go after the hotties bs is just an excuse for hoes 2 use when they are busted being whores.

  • C.Rivera

    I think these Hollywood chicks need to stp hating on Kim K. They are just haters who at the moment need a little more attention so they go after whoever is hot at the time.

  • b98

    the kardashian are fighting again

  • buzzbuddy

    Aww, celebrity bitch fight. I Love it!