Love Blooms for the Boys of ‘Project Runway’

Don’t read any further if you have yet to watch this week’s episode of Project Runway, because you’ll find out Wesley Nault was kicked off. Oh… oops.

Anyway, 23-year-old Nault confirmed to People that he and fellow contestant Daniel Feld, 25, are dating.

“We met on the show,” the ousted designer told the mag. “And we tried to keep it very professional on the show because we were both there for our careers, and we didn’t expect this to come out of it. But I’m really happy.”

Aww, good for you, fellas. Romantic gay love certainly seems to be in the air this week. Then again, so does sketchy gay love.

Nault blabs, “It’s going really well. Daniel and I are talking about possibly working on something together. Everything’s in the works right now.”

Hmmm. Was that a slip, basically telling viewers that Daniel doesn’t make it to the end, either?