The Truth (and More) Revealed at the ‘X-Files’ Premiere

David Duchovny swapped luring hot young babes into the sack on Californication for sidling up to a pregnant Gillian Anderson at last night’s Hollywood premiere of The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

Seeing Fox Mulder and Dana Scully together again not only warmed X-Philes hearts, it also caused one creature of unknown origin to beam down from Planet XXX.

Where’s Flukeman to suck its brains out when you need him?

Meanwhile, Gillian Anderson offered up her pregnancy workout regimen to Us: “The only thing I do when I’m pregnant is eat and sit on my butt! What’s the point in working out until I have the baby?”

After the kid is born in October, Gillian ought to hit up Halle Berry for tips on how to become instantly hot again after giving birth.