Ethan Hawke Gives His Baby for Free

For someone who just received a bundle of joy on July 18, Ethan Hawke doesn’t seem very gleeful.

Hawke and his wife/former nanny Ryan Shawhughes were out and about in New York with their newborn daughter, Clementine Jay Hawke, yesterday. As usual, Ethan was the picture of surliness as he transported the tot to the taxicab.

Seriously, the guy never smiles when he’s out with his family.

You’re never going to win Father of the Year with that attitude, Mr. Sourpuss!

Okay, Ethan; so maybe you felt pressured to have a quickie, last-minute wedding to secure your kid’s legitimacy. But there’s no un-ringing that bell or un-birthing that baby.

Might as well settle in for the long haul and embrace the duties of fatherhood, Ethan. Like this guy, for instance.