Katy Perry Craves Miley Cyrus’ Spit: Video Proof!

Okay, Katy Perry. Everyone gets it.

You have a song called “I Kissed a Girl” and keen attention-grabbing skills.

You can stop any time now.

Gay-for-play Perry has once again expressed her desire to plant a wet one on Miley Cyrus at next month’s Teen Choice Awards, which Cyrus is hosting.

Check out the shocking (in some Amish communities) video confession below:

Is the issue settled now? Can the matter of Katy Perry’s lust for Miley Cyrus’ smacker be put to rest? It’s established fact, right?

The most satisfying aspect to watching Perry actually plant one on Cyrus would be that, for a few seconds at least, she would shut up about how much she loves to kiss other girls.

So maybe it’s worth it.