Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s Marriage Is Clearly Over

Guy Ritchie, you poor, deluded thing.

Mr. Madge was at San Diego comic-book convention Comic-Con yesterday, promoting his upcoming flick RocknRolla.

While there, the helmsman told People magazine that, despite the swirling rumors about the dissolution of his marriage, things are just hunky-dory on the domestic front, “as far as I’m aware of.”

Oh, there is none so blind as he who will not see.

Never mind that there may be a sex tape featuring your wife and Alex Rodriguez floating around.

Dude, you’re at Comic-Con; nobody at that thing has an intact relationship. They spray the convention with chick repellent before opening to the public, and that stuff doesn’t wash off easily.

Might as well devote your attention to honing your Dungeons and Dragons skills.