Miley Cyrus: Queen of Biting Satire

Miley Cyrus: Queen of Biting Satire-photo

In a very special episode of The Miley and Mandy Show, Miley Cyrus and her best friend Mandy Jiroux give their Internet viewers a "parody" of a video posted by up-and-coming star Selena Gomez. The tone of the video is much more mean-spirted than the playful dance-off videos the girls have produced in the past.

Rumored to be dating Miley's ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, Gomez made a video for her website with her friend Demi Lovato from Camp Rock.

In a scene straight from Mean Girls, Mandy and Miley pull snippets from Selena's video and mock it as best they can. They poke fun at Selena's t-shirt and Demi's gap tooth, referring to the girl's mouth as her "piehole."

This video reemphasizes Miley's frustrations at being compared to her tween rival and clearly shows that Ms. Cyrus is well on her way to blossoming into quite the diva.

Doesn't the Bible say a little something about envy? Maybe Miley hasn't read that chapter just yet.



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  • Brittany

    Emo is usually considered an insult Miley. So try educating yourself a little bit. Miley and Mandy are just being teenagers. Actually, Mandy is 20-years-old.

  • annita

    miley is. i dont know, she's freak, why'd she did dat? she feels better than selena ? oh i know.. she's just jealous she's afraid selena will steal her stage. miley, if u do this thing more often, people will hates u. i dont get it why is miley, my role model (was) can do such a thing like this. she's immature, and stupid.

  • cheerleader4life

    i think all this is funny. Miley and Mandy are just being teenagers nobody should care other teenagers do it all the time and way worse.