Reality TV Awards: Losers. And Winners?

The people—or at least 1.3 million of them—have spoken.

AOL Television conducted a poll on readers’ reality TV likes and dislikes, and released the results today as the Reality TV ’08 Awards.

The results contained a number of non-surprises. American Idol took honors for Best Reality Show, while Simon Cowell snagged Best Villain and Paula Abdul was named Worst Judge.

Heidi Montag beat out a crowded field to be crowned Biggest Hills Bitch, despite her deep similarity to the Son of God.

The entire Hogan family, from Hogan Knows Best, captured Biggest Trainwreck—and rightfully so.

Tila Tequila was voted—how could you, America?—Skankiest Star.

The real shocker? The country apparently hates Flavor-Flav. The Clocked One was deemed Scariest Star, while Flavor of Love 3 took away Worst Reality Show and Show You’d Never Go On dishonors.

Nooooo, boyyyeee!