Winner Vs. Loser: Jonas Bros Do Sienna and Balthazar

Thank God for the Jonas Brothers. They just keep getting hotter and hotter. Young, gorgeous, talented, and down-to-earth, their faces are taped up on bedroom walls across America. Not surprisingly, they had another great week:

  • MTV announced that Nick, Joe, and Kevin will play live at the VMAs. High-pitched screams of joy were heard at high schools nationwide.
  • They look smoking hot on the cover of Rolling Stone
  • Whether it’s true or not, being linked to Selena Gomez gives them nothing but street cred. 
  • Speaking of street cred, Timbaland wants to work with them. Done and done!
Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty’s romance is rated X-17, compared to the squeaky-clean, G-rated brothers above. This scandalous couple really lets it all hang out:
  • Sienna goes topless and Balthazar can’t resist a little squeeze here and there
  • Meanwhile, his wife, Rosetta Millington, is able to enjoy the pictures with the rest of the world. 
  • Later, Balthazar announces his separation from Rosetta. Duh! 
  • Now Sienna is suing about her topless pictures. All 100 of them.