Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen: It's Brutal

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen: It's Brutal-photo

Denise Richards has levelled some pretty serious charges against her ex, Charlie Sheen. She insisted on an emergency child-custody hearing last week to show the judge videotapes of their daughters, Lola and Sam, acting in "strange and disturbing ways" according to Page Six.

Denise seems to be implying that Sheen molested their daughters in some way.

Sheen's lawyers countered with their own tapes of the kids acting normally.

"Denise's accusations were vile. She was basically trying to say Charlie [manipulated] the kids and acted inappropriately with them. It's disgusting and totally untrue. Charlie is furious . . . Denise has really pushed it too far this time," a source says.

The source claims that Denise thinks a heated courtroom battle will cause E! to renew her show, Denise Richards: It's Complicated, for a second season.

Sheen plans to sue for full custody and defamation of character as well. Denise Richards: It's Ugly.



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  • mel

    Denise Richardson could press libel suit against you because her accusation wasn't necessarily false and you need to distinguish accuracy: One out of every three-five children will be sexually abused by the age of 18; half by their biological fathers. The statisics are based on scientific evidence in the empirical literature. There is not always physical evidence of molestation for obvious reasons, but often psychological evidence revealed in "acting out" behaviors and a variety of other FORENSIC tests that DO NOT involve leading questions. Unless you are FORENSIC expert, you have no expertise to make any comments about whether or not Denis is a boldfaced liar or Sheen an abuser. There is a myth about protective mothers and parents, that they are somehow coming from a vengeful place. The majority of them are not when you research the empirical literature. Since I am not an expert in this case, it is not for me to say whether or not Sheen abused his daughters; however, the empirical literature and his behaviors in general (e.g., sex addictions, rage, narcissism,, blatantly abusive emails to the mother of his children; etc.) would compel me to scrutizine this case quite closely if I were an expert or judge presiding over the case, especially if the children are exhibiting symptoms that denote sexual abuse (e.g., sexually acting out, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, night-mares, inconsollable tantrums, etc.). Dispel the myth of the "woman scorned" because most mothers are not coming from a vengeful place; although a small percentage are. Further, "inconclusive" or "unsubstantiated" does not mean the abuse did not occur. It simply means there wasn't enough PHYSICAL evidence, such as torn tissue, to hold up in trial to convict the perp. or to mandate supervised visitation. Also, perhaps it isn't Denise that went public with the info., but the Papparazzi. Thus, it matters not what YOU believe despite the fact that the allegation may be "unsubstantiated" or "inconclusive." That does not mean the accusation is FALSE per se. Be careful.

  • lina

    it is so odvious already charlie neeeds to give it up he doesn't have a chance against denise ok she will tottaly get custody of sam and lola and she knows it