How To Live Like… Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey can easily be considered the richest and most influential woman in the world. Although she had a tough childhood, she overcame her adversities and found huge success as an international media icon. So what’s her secret? Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Oprah!


For Oprah, beauty is more than skin deep. She spends much of her time helping others and sharpening her inner beauty. However, she also takes care of her appearance for others so take her seriously. Oprah’s biggest tip? Never leave off the moisturizer. She uses Lauren Hutton’s No Shine Day Cream, which gives her a smooth complexion. She always applies Sephora black liquid liner across her top lash line, while using a black pencil liner on her lower lash line. Her finishing touch is Sephora’s Tarte Supergloss in Hamlet and Ophelia, which she loves because it is soft and sheer.


Oprah believes in dressing to “celebrate, not conceal” your body type. For years, she felt guilty of every little thing she put into her mouth, which led to unsuccessful diets and workouts. She admits that being fat was the “perfect way of cushioning myself against the world’s disapproval.” Finally she realized that she wasn’t going about it the right way.

Then she received a life-changing letter from her guidance teacher, Marianne Williamson. It read: “Until you accept the magnitude of your function, your unconscious mind will sabotage any attempt to show your full magnificence. In fact, if you diet and lose weight, your mind will either put the weight back on or trip up in some other area. In order to lose weight on a permanent basis, you want a shift in your belief about who and what you are.”


Oprah recently took the 21-day cleanse diet and experienced what it was like to be vegan. It allowed her to reach a “new level of awareness” when it comes to eating right, and set her on the road to become a more conscious eater. Get the exact recipes Oprah used!

In O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook, she offers cooking tips and advice for those who want to prepare delicious and healthy meals.


When she’s not busy hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show or assisting charities with Oprah’s Angel Network, she dedicates herself to the students of Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, whom she calls her “daughters.”

Oprah has been with partner Stedman Graham since 1986, but the couple has never chosen to marry. She spends much of her time advocating political, spiritual and philanthropical issues around the globe.