Lindsay Lohan: Not Run Over

Lindsay Lohan is denying reports that she was struck by a motorcyle outside a Manhattan club on Friday evening.

Word had it she was leaving the club with longtime companion Samantha Ronson when she was turned into a human speed bump by a dude on a hog. She was then supposedly treated at Beth Israel Medical Center and released early Saturday morning.

But Lohan’s rep says that it’s an imaginary tale.

“I spoke to Lindsay,” Lohan spokeshostage Leslie Sloane told E! News, “and she said nothing happened.”

This is news to Lindsay’s father, the fame-chasing Michael. He even commented on the “accident” to the press: “She’s not hurt. That’s all I really care about.”

And in the off-chance she was sideswiped and knocked to the pavement, her heavy-duty leggings probably saved her from harm.

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