Madonna: Like a Surgeon

Saying Madonna looks like the Crypt Keeper in these photos might be taking it a little too far.

Still, whether it’s the stress over her brother’s tell-all or the media frenzy surrounding the rumored affair with Alex Rodriguez chipping away at her, the Material Vampire looks like she got backed over by a recycling truck.

Madge was snapped leaving a New York City Kabbalah centre with daughter Lourdes.

A U.K. plastic surgeon told the Daily Mail, “It is likely she has had filler in her cheeks because they are so full. There is no loose skin at the jawline which is also extremely unusual for someone her age. I think she’s trying to enhance her existing good parts and had some areas tightened.”

Madonna turns 50 on August 16. Hopefully by then she can get back the old biceps she had not so long ago.