Miley Cyrus Was Merely Promoting Selena Gomez

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of Miley Cyrus and best pal Mandy Jiroux mocking a clip Selena Gomez and best friend Demi Lovato crafted for YouTube.

“Schmiley” and “Manders” dissected and imitated Disney Next Big Thing Gomez’s video bit by bit, and not in a friendly way. Mean girls!

Cyrus, who can’t seem to find her way out of bad press lately, recorded an interview for Pop Star! and apologized. Sort of.

“If we offended them, we’re super sorry, but we were like, just having fun, you know what I mean? They have like, a YouTube account, so at the end of our video we put like, a go to their video, you know? We were like, supporting the channel, and also being silly. Beause you know, they were being funny, and that’s our thing, to be funny.”

So this had nothing to do with Selena being groomed to replace Miley because she avoids doing wet t-shirt pictures, just signed a record deal and is allegedly dating Miley’s ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, then?