Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Kate Moss 2.0?

What’s a fashion label gotta do to find a clean model these days?

Newly-single Kate Moss was dumped three years ago by Burberry over her cocaine use. Now fashinon-industry site has surfaced a photo of the company’s Moss replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, holding a drug pipe.

The other fashionable faces pictured are Jennifer Pugh (with her tongue out) and Calvin Klein’s Aleksandra Rastovic.

U.K. paper The Evening Standard quotes a friend of Rosie’s who says the pic in question is outdated. “She was 18 or 19 when that was taken. She’s just turned 21 so it’s two or three years old.”

The publication tracked down Huntington-Whitelely’s mom Fiona, who said, “I really cannot say anything about it, my darling. Isn’t it lovely that someone so young is doing so well?”

Sure, lady. And Amy Winehouse was doing really well, too.