Shannen Doherty to Cops: “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”

Poor Shannen Doherty. After years of building a reputation as one of Hollywood’s biggest up-and-coming bitches, she still can’t get recognized in this town. reports that the Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 actress—who has signed on to reprise the role of Brenda Walsh on the upcoming 90210 spinoff—recently went to the Sheriff’s Department in Malibu to seek protection from the paps following her.

Her complaint baffled the deputy at the front desk; he didn’t recognize her.

After the deputy took a survey of the other cops and found that none of them knew who she was either, Doherty huffed out.

Geez; she doesn’t like it when she’s recognized. She doesn’t like it when she’s not recognized. Her logic is as askew as those asymmetrical eyes of hers.

You don’t hear this 90210 alum complaining about the paps’ attention. A nosy photographer might capture him weeping silently about the fact that his fiancée has made a fool of him, but he doesn’t go bothering the Sheriff’s Department about it.