Shia LaBeouf: Busted for DUI and Busted Up

Freshly minted movie star Shia LaBeouf was cited for misdemeanor drunk driving Sunday morning after colliding with another vehicle at 2:45 a.m. and rolling his truck. The accident caused minor injuries to Shia’s female passenger and the male driver of the other vehicle.

According to TMZ, law-enforcement officials considered filing felony DUI charges against the Transformers and Indiana Jones star. Lucky for Shia, none of the scrapes and bruises suffered were severe enough to warrant the more serious prosecution.

LaBeouf appears to have been the most seriously hurt on the scene, with emergency medical attention being required for one of his hands.

Young Shia won’t have much luck growing into the next Tom Hanks (particularly if he wants to play a gay character, as Hanks did in Philadelphia) if he can’t keep himself off the police blotter.

The assumed successor to the Indiana Jones series—who has admitted to housing his father in the garage of his Burbank, California home—has previously run afoul of the law for smoking in public and for acting a fool in a Chicago drugstore.