Brooke Hogan Visited Her Brother, Damn It!

Demure fashion maven Brooke Hogan took to her MySpace page to refute claims by the “stupid and inaccurate” media that she didn’t visit her brother Nick in a Florida jail on his 18th birthday.

Purveyor of lies Brooke says that the media missed her because she used a different point of entry. The back door. One she’s likely used to.

“They must have thought I didn’t show cause they didn’t SEE me. uhh…there’s such thing as a back door you jerks.”

Brooke goes on to list why she would have (of course) gone to see Nick.

“Lets see…

*hes in jail

*Its an important birthday…the big 18!!!

*I’m only a 4 hour drive to Tampa

*He’s the most important thing in my life.”

And it’s not like she has anything else to do besides get her ass oiled up by Dad Hulk (so wrong), and watch her mother Linda date a 19-year-old. Visiting her bro in prison must seem like a glorious respite from all that dysfunction.