Cate Blanchett: Clearly Not Obsessed With Looks

Wow; no wonder Cate Blanchett was so convincing in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She’s been married to a hobbit for the past ten years.

Blanchett and her husband, playwright/director Andrew Upton, attended the Helpmann Awards in Sydney Sunday night. The Helpmanns “recognize distinguished artistic achievements and excellence in the many disciplines of Australia’s vibrant live performance sectors.”

The cleavage-baring beauty and the puppy-eyed wordsmith have been married since September 1997 and have three kids.

Good for you, Cate! In a too-often-superficial business, you’ve demolished stereotypes and offered every bridge-dwelling hunchback hope that he, too, might land a cinema queen someday.

Which, like your devotion to environmentalism, is very noble indeed.