Crazy Amy Winehouse: Party, Party, Ambulance

Remember heroin chic of the ’90s? Gaunt yet attractive models, posing with limp limbs, apathetic stares projecting from their glassy, half-lidded eyes?

Well, for anyone who’s hoping to recycle that marketing ploy, let these pictures of an out-of-control Amy Winehouse serve as a painful overdose of reality.

The drug-addled singer emerged from her garage at 2 a.m., squirting water and joking with photographers. From there, the ever energetic Winehouse burst into a sprint (as she is prone to do) toward the Proud Galleries near her home in Camden.

Once at the closed store, the Back to Black star punched at the gate protecting the shop’s window from insane and inexplicably violent passersby.

Drugs are bad, kids.

It’s all fun and games when supermodels do them. Just wait until your make-up gets smudged, your wig’s falling apart, and your original teeth remain but a faint memory.


Singer Amy Winehouse was strapped to a wheelchair and rushed by ambulance to London’s University College Hospital at eight p.m. Monday evening local time. English paper Daily Mail reports that Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse was on hand at his daughter’s North London home when paramedics arrived.

The weekend caught up with her after all.