Dita Von Teese Is Classier Than Katie Price

Windsor, England, was the setting of the ultra-classy Cartier-sponsored 2008 International Polo event, where glorified stripper burlesque artist Dita Von Teese was seen mingling with British royalty.

Other celebs in attendance included Mark Ronson, Agenyss Deyn, Emma Watson and Cameron Diaz’s beau Paul Sculfor.

However, one unlucky sod who couldn’t even buy her way in to the affair—and, oh, how she tried—is “author” and former topless model Katie Price (a/k/a Jordan).

“She might have reinvented herself but Jordan is still too chavvy as far as Cartier is concerned,” an insider told the Daily Mail

The chavtastic tanning addict, who’s noted to be worth around $100 million, was set to pony up stacks of cash for a table at the polo challenge, but was apparently given the smackdown.

“Having Jordan there just wouldn’t be in keeping with Cartier’s image. If she turns up she will not be allowed access to the tent. Tickets can’t be bought. You have to be an invited friend of Cartier.”

Maybe it was the dime store tiara?