Even Amy Winehouse’s Drugs Are Mixed Up

Wine-o’s in the basement, mixing up the medicine….

The Daily Mail reports that Amy Winehouse’s most recent visit to the emergency room was the result of taking the wrong drugs.

Which wouldn’t be news at all, except that this time, at least, the wrong drugs were prescribed by a physician.

Paramedics were called to Winehouse’s home Monday night after the “Rehab” singer collapsed and suffered an episode of “fitting”—which is probably the only context in which the word fitting will ever apply to Amy.

The beehived headline-grabber was released from London’s Royal College Hospital Tuesday morning. She had been treated for what a hospital spokesperson called “a reaction to medication at home” and being kept for a “comfortable night” of observation.

That comfort was partially due to father Mitch Winehouse, who showed up at the hospital with a bucket of KFC—which is apparently one of Amy’s favorites.

Hmm; somehow it’s doubtful that a lucrative endorsement deal will come from this particular case of product placement.