Leighton Meester: Puppy Pee Shy

Leighton Meester, looking her usual exquisitely-porcelain self, took a break on the set of Gossip Girl.

And her dog did as well, lifting its leg as the actress gabbed. Just don’t get any on the outfit, pooch.

Love for the canines seems to be a trend on the Gossip Girl set. Leading man Chace Crawford was recently snapped showing a happy dog some affection.

Photogs were lucky to snap a pic of the TV It girl, as Meester sometimes chooses to hide her face from her adoring public.

Interesting, though, that Leighton might have a problem with showing her mug—due to possible acne or a cold sore?—yet she’s okay with being snapped wearing what looks like Grandma’s curtains.