Miley Cyrus, Condom Queen?

 An executive for LifeStyles condoms claims that the company would like the tweener set’s favorite Bible-clutching hypocrite, Miley Cyrus, to serve as its spokesperson.

“With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has an STD and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set—and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America,” the executive told New York Daily News.

Miley’s grown up so fast!  She’s gone from squeaky-clean role model to aspiring wet T-shirt competitor to nude-scene veteran faster than most kids go through middle school.

And now the teenagers of America might be able to go down to the drugstore and pick up a package of rubbers with Miley’s grinning mug slapped across it.

Could Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, possibly put a Miley Cyrus signature love doll into production in time for Christmas?