Vanessa Hudgens: ‘Teen Vogue’ Dune Bunny

Vanessa Hudgens’ skills just don’t seem to cease.

Actress. Singer. Nude Internet model. Amateur lap dancer. Reason for Zac Efron not to slit his own throat.

Now, it turns out, she also excels at being photographed while other people fly past on dune buggies.

Hudgens was choppered out to the desert to pose for the cover of Teen Vogue’s September 2008 issue. Her fashion spread is augmented by dudes catching air on their ATVs.

Which totally makes sense. Somehow. Probably.

Anyway, Vanessa seemed to enjoy the experience.

“Dune buggies; I think it’s my new thing,” Hudgie Bear gushed between camera clicks. “I think I have a new passion.”

Good for you, Nessie! Everybody needs a passion.