Bruce Willis: Man of Action

At a recent outing at the Roxbury Cafe in Beverly Hills, protective father Bruce Willis tossed some water on the car of a photographer. The shutterbug was getting too close to Bruce’s daughters.

Willis is like the Alec Baldwin of the big screen! But without the subtle charm and social graces exhibited by the 30 Rock star.

Bruce’s public image seems to have been coated in Teflon. After his divorce from wife Demi Moore, he’s chased after women whose ages approach those of his daughters, but somehow his relationship with his girls remains intact.

In fact, he, his ex-wife and her young hubby Ashton Kutcher seem to co-exist amicably.

With all this weirdness, he remains highly beloved by the public.

Basically, Bruce can do no wrong. It’s not clear how. Maybe it’s the reverse Samson effect at work.