Is Big Brother Jessie Godderz a Little Gay?

Is Big Brother Jessie Godderz a Little Gay?-photo

Sources tell that insufferably self-obsessed Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz might be on the downlow about his sexuality.

The narcissistic bodybuilder is quickly becoming the player to despise on CBS's Big Brother, and he's known for not being able to avoid a mirror. And he might not be the only man he's attracted to.

"He isn't ready for his parents, or the public, to know [that he is gay]," sources say. "Jessie isn't actually open with his sexuality, but he doesn't hide it too well either."

These sources are also the ones who reportedly released these "modeling" photos.

Gay or not, the body that Godderz seems to be mainly into is his own.

Can Pamela Anderson visit the U.S. version of the Big Brother house and protest him?



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  • john

    well i hope he is gay and i get to meet him cause hes hot! id love to hangout with him!

  • meg

    Photoshoped pics

  • mark

    Gosh, I hope he's not gay. The GLBT community doesn't need to be tainted with this guy. Has anybody watched a clip of him on the MTV dating show "Next"? That's all I gotta say. Sorry, Jessie, but I'd rather you be straight.

  • buzzbuddy

    DAMN buddy!