Justin Timberlake Claims Trucker-Hat Trend

Justin Timberlake Claims Trucker-Hat Trend-photo

Uh-oh, there could be a showdown between Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake.

Jessica Biel's live-in squeeze claims in a recent interview with Fashion Rocks magazine that it was he, not Demi Moore's boy-toy, who originated the trucker-hat phenomenon.

"I keep hearing Ashton Kutcher say how he was responsible for trucker caps," Timberlake states, before claiming that he and buddy/business partner Trace Ayala "were wearing them when we were seventeen."

Timberlake further reveals that he would also spray-paint his vintage Air Jordans and shave beehive patterns into Ayala's hair in pursuit of fashion-renegade status.

"We just kind of didn't care," Mr SexyBack recalls. "We kind of still don't." (True, if J.T.'s recent flirtation with cross-dressing is any indication.)

Of course, given Justin's habit of exhibitionism around Ayala, Trace was probably just relieved that his pal was wearing anything.



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