Sam Lutfi Wants His Claws in Britney Spears

Britney Spearsformer confidante, late-night shopping partner, and alleged tranquilizer provider Sam Lutfi is pondering not signing the extension of a restraining order that has been in place since February.

“Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away,” a source tells E!.

Aside from paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib, Sam was one of the only people that Britney ran with prior to her father’s current conservatorship.

Since then, Lutfi has been required to keep at least 250 yards away from the Spears residence at all times.

A hearing will be held on July 31 concerning Jamie Spears’ conservatorship, possibly making Lutfi’s stay-away order permanent.

Lutfi has never publicly or officially protested the order, which has been extended twice.

“Sam and the family are communicating and cooperating, trying to do what’s best for Britney,” his spokesperson (he can afford a spokesperson?) states.

Sam’s idea of what’s best for Britney certainly includes him.

“If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial,” the source said. “He did nothing wrong.”

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