Video: 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'

Video: 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'-photo

The sixth movie in the wildly successful Harry Potter film series starring Daniel Radcliffe reveals a dark yet important look into the past.

Wizened Hogwarts teacher Dumbledore shares a memory with Harry of his first encounter with "the most dangerous dark wizard of all time."

A lonely young boy named Tom holds the key to the identity of the scariest character ever from the Harry Potter books. The clip teases fans with the promise of a revelation.

Between Twilight and the Half-Blood Prince, it's going to be a good fall for fantasy genre freaks.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    It lacks the visceral impact of Hairy Pooter and the Scorceror's Bone.

  • buzzgent

    What's this garbage? Forget the movie, we want the Professor Minerva McGonagall sex tape!

  • bawwow

    SCAAAAARY!!! ahhh