Kimberly Stewart Scrounges Sienna Miller’s Leftovers

Kimberly Stewart, socialite and daughter of rooster-haired croaker Rod Stewart, shared a few tender moments with unhinged Welsh actor Rhys Ifans yesterday. They lunched, grabbed iced coffees from Starbucks of London and reportedly spent the night together.

That’s right; Rhys Ifans, who was recently dumped by clothing-averse G.I. Joe actress Sienna Miller.

And that’s also right; Kimberly Stewart, who last month was seen sucking face in a nightclub with Jude Law, yet another one of Miller’s former bedmates.

Is Sienna’s scent so alluring and enduring that Stewart is chasing down whiffs of it via the actress’s former boys?

Or is Kimberly Stewart desperate to grab a moment in the celebrity spotlight?

Given Kim’s backstage performance at a recent John Mayer concert, the smart money’s on desperation.