Leighton Meester Has a Mister

OMFG! Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester has landed herself a man. Another co-star, to be precise. Star magazine reports that “Blair” was recently seen getting exceptionally close on the dance floor with fellow Entourage regular Joshua LeBar.

The dirty dancers were attending the CBS, CW & Showtime Press Tour Stars Party on July 18.

Meester and LeBar met at Leighton’s side gig, her recurring role as virginal pop singer “Justine Chapin” on Entourage.

Meester likes to fish from the show-biz pond, seeing as she’s been previously linked with Gossip Girl comrades Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford. (Castmate Ed Westwick must have told her to back off his man close pal.)

Witnesses say Joshua is head-over-heels for the starlet.

“Josh was beaming as he talked about Leighton, whom he called ‘my girl,'” says a source. “You could tell he is crazy about her.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t mind dogs with active bladders.

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