Morning Frills #20: Practice Makes Perfect Edition

Israeli-born model Bar Refaeli has been mugging for the cameras since before her first birthday, but the 23-year-old’s dedication to her craft knows no limits.

Check her out in the clear blue waters of St. Tropez, France, burning the midday oil, looking good in a bikini on her supposed down-time. Doesn’t she ever take a day off?

If the ceaseless workaholic hasn’t perfected the skill of looking good in a bikini then, by God, no one has.

And she does it all while supposedly maintaining a relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and lending aid and comfort to her less fortunate sisters.

Three cheers for you, Bar Refaeli! If only everyone would take the task of looking good in a skimpy swimsuit as seriously as you do, the world would be a far better place.