Paris Hilton Pushes Her Cheap Kicks

Hotel-fortune heiress and perfume magnate Paris Hilton was at Macy’s Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas Tuesday, hawking her fall line of Paris Hilton Footwear.

Aimed toward the budget-minded Paris wannabe, the kicks start at approximately $50, which is ironic. Imagine Hilton wearing shoes anywhere near that cheap!

“The Paris Hilton Footwear Collection is perfect for the fashion-forward young woman who wants to look and feel great from head-to-toe without spending a fortune,” claims a post on Hilton’s MySpace page.

Sure, and they’re perfect for making XXX videos, trashing hotel rooms, lying your bony backside off and chasing down temporarily crippled soccer players.

Accessorize them with a pair of hooker shorts, and you have a real look going.

All hail, Paris Hilton! She’s done it again!