Selena Gomez Knows Her Enemy

Selena Gomez Knows Her Enemy-photo

Selena Gomez may deny that she and Miley Cyrus are engaged in a media war, but she didn't mind stoking the fires while signing autographs for fans at JFK airport in New York yesterday.

When photographers asked the up-and-coming Disney-ite what she was listening to on her iPod, Selena shot back, "Miley Cyrus."

Yeah, right. She was probably absorbing the audio version of 50 Ways to Eviscerate Your Enemy in Less Than 30 Seconds.

On the offhand chance that she was listening to Miley, Selena should be careful.

Rumor has it that Cyrus' songs contain subliminal messages that urge listeners to take age-inappropriate photos, grow up too fast and engage in passive-aggressive behavior.



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  • bibiesas


  • Selena Gaomez's biggest fan!
    Selena Gaomez's biggest fan!

    Boooooooo! In your face 'cause I think Selena Gomez is the best!

  • Selena Gomez's biiget fan
    Selena Gomez's biiget fan

    Booooo in your face Selena Gomez is the best!

  • Selena's biggest fan!
    Selena's biggest fan!

    I vote for Selena you are, going to beat Miley! Don't wory about it ,cause I THINK EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE FINE! I love Selena I am her biggest fan 4ever!

  • selena fan
    selena fan

    iagree with cc and respect selena. selena is wayyyy better influence, rather than miley! Yah thats right i said it hahah ol :) but i still mean it! Really...selena doesnt take bad pics of herself.

  • respect selena
    respect selena

    selena is soooo much better that skank, miley has nothing on her disney offered a record deal, and she did make vids up on utube before miley did

  • yugzluvsmiley4ever

    selena sucks! miley 4 ever,selena never

  • cc

    selena gomez rocks!!!!!!!!!! miley cyrus sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • salena hater
    salena hater

    Why Is Salena Gomez soooooo stupid!! Don't try to compete with Miley!!! 'Cause, I'm sure the world knows which is better between Miley and Salena! of course MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH A TROUBLE MAKER SALENA!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!

  • ddavenport

    Put a sock in it, Sel-don't you know it's not cool to throw your fellow Disney star under the bus?

  • kayla

    oh and 1 more thing i'm not against Demi but selena has a show on youtube with demi lovoto and miley and mandy had a show on youtube befor them!

  • kayla

    you all need to shutup becuase if selena is such a good friend y is she competing with miley like why when miley came out with a new cd selena came out with a new song! and why when miley and nick brokeup selena begain to hang out with him! if u agree with me say I!

  • dottilubsjb08