Stephanie Pratt: More Evil Than Saddam Hussein?

Brody Jenner is passing on the word via Us Magazine that Stephanie Pratt, sister of Spencer Pratt and recent addition to The Hills, makes her sibling seem like the love child of Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

“She’s a million times worse!” reality-TV mainstay and unwelcome clubgoer Jenner declared at Ryan Sheckler’s X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament Wednesday.

Jenner adds that he’s tried to warn Hills-er Lauren Conrad about Pratt, to no avail. The consequences of Conrad’s nonchalance can be seen in The Hillsseason four trailer: Stephanie enjoys a suspicious candlelight dinner with Conrad beau Doug Reinhardt.

Think about the implications.

Stephanie Pratt is “a million times worse” than a power freak who picks on little girls, menaces the general public with his massive gun collection and is pushing Heidi Montag’s singing onto the world.

It might be time to divert some of the military resources from the War on Terror.