Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: Go Sheer

Trend Spotting With Kim Kardashian: Go Sheer-photo

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new Celebuzz style column, Trend Spotting with Kim Kardashian.  I am here to point out the freshest celebrity fashion trends and how they can work for you. If you ever want to ask me directly about a style predicament, don’t hesitate to drop me a note on where I blog daily! Let me start by showing you how to rock the wispy see-through look…

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting sheer fabrics on the runway and when I’m out shopping showrooms for my store, DASH.  I love this trend.  Done well, it’s ultra feminine, sophisticated, and sexy all in one.

Patches of pale and pastel sheer fabrics in tops, skirts, dresses and even trousers are showing up in clubs and in business situations. While soft and see-through is a perfect summertime look, translucency can also work for you in the fall and winter.

The key to doing the transparent trend right is to do it without advertising too much. Also, there are several ways to add the perfect amount of peek-a-boo to your ensemble without burning a hole in your pocketbook on Dolce and Versace.

Here are my four fave tips on going sheer with style:

Cover Up
If you are wearing a see-through blouse—especially in an office setting—make sure to pair it with a camisole or a vest. Pretty sheer pants should also be worn with boy bloomers or matching slip shorts, not g-strings.

Show Your Shape
Last year’s shift dresses are definitely not part of this trend. Let your silhouette be known. Under a translucent dress, wear a body hugging slip. A loose-fitting sheer ensemble should be belted in, to show your waist.

Lighten Up!
It’s all about subtle, pale colors that soften. If a light color washes you out, opt for a more iridescent or shiny sheath. I’m one who’s guilty of breaking the soft-color rule. But, hey, vibrant floral colors are just me.

Don't Break the Bank
While you can find the see-through look in collections by designers Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander and Max Azaria, there also airy pieces in prettier price ranges:

  • I spotted this off the shoulder chiffon dress for just $27 at Wet Seal! Soften it even more with a light pink belt and silver or pink ballerina slippers.
  • This affordable, floral, sheer sleeveless top from Forever 21 is ruffled and feminine. It can be worn with skinny jeans or a body-hugging skirt.
  • Here is a longer, breezy tank dress with a patchwork of patterns.
  • This wispy skirt fades from black to a feminine pink.
  • H&M highlights “folk romanticism” as a trend on their site, featuring ‘60s-inspired, transparent floral tops and dresses.

If you are still not sold on see-through, test it out with a sheer wrap worn over a tank or a dress. And of course, you can find all that’s great about this trend at my store, Dash.

See photos of me and other celebrities sporting the sheer look here!

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    hey kim , question i have been looking all for these pants that you wore on 9/08 "the natural pic" the pants were back with a big belt you wore it with a white tee , which by the way you looked hot! can you please let me know what brand were they & where can i buy it from? thanks so much, Rania

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