Who’s Controlling Britney Spears?

Attorney for Britney Spears, Samuel Ingham, testified two months ago that his client should be kept out of legal proceedings because “they could be harmful to her” as a result of her delicate mental state.

In keeping with his request, Spears is not present at today’s hearing where her lawyers are convening with Court Commissioner Reva Goetz at the L.A. County Courthouse. The court session will determine whether or not Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, will to continue to act as her conservator. Jamie’s being credited for stabilizing his daughter’s life and career.

Mental health attorney Terry K. Wasserman told People magazine,”I would be very surprised if the court ends her father’s control so soon.” Britney’s legal team is expected to request that the conservatorship extend into fall of this year.

It doesn’t look like Britney will be left to her own devices any time soon. The world breathes a guarded sigh of relief.