Heidi Klum and Seal’s Roman Holiday

Perhaps in celebration of Heidi Klum’s Emmy nomination for Project Runway, the Teutonic beauty and her singer husband Seal packed up the kids—Henry, 2, one-year-old Johan and Leni, 4—for vacation in Rome.

The pleasure trip relaxed the oft-combative Seal so much that he didn’t hurl curses or insult the paparazzi even once.

In fact, the couple—whose tour stops included the Piazza di Spagna—spent considerable time on the snapping side of the lens for once. Heidi, in particular, incessantly clicked pics of her fam as they enjoyed the sights.

Wow, that’s some pressure, having a Project Runway host take your picture. Wonder if she critiqued the photos at night and told the kids to shape up, or they’re out.

The couple capped their day with a horse-drawn carriage ride. A wise move, since Seal isn’t always the best driver.