John Mayer: Godfather to Wentz-Simpson Baby?

Rockers Pete Wentz and John Mayer have formed a close bond over lunch dates and jam sessions. Now Pete and his new wife Ashlee Simpson are thinking about asking John to be the godfather of their unborn baby girl.

The fact that Ashlee’s sister Jessica Simpson famously dated Mayer not all that long ago complicates the situation. She might feel strange about her ex-boyfriend having such strong ties to her family.

But maybe this is all part of a greater plan of Ashlee and Pete’s.

John still carries something of a torch for his former flame. So if Mr. and Mrs. Wentz were playing matchmakers, they could easily set up a Disney movie-type scenario and choose Jessica as godmother.

All the new parents would have to do is fake their own deaths, get John’s current squeeze Jennifer Aniston out of the picture and voilà—Jess and John, happily ever after!