Shia LaBeouf’s DUI Injury to Be Immortalized on Film

The producers of the Transfomers sequel have decided not to let Shia LaBeouf’s injured hand hold up production. The busted-up appendage will be written into the script.

Shia’s hand required immediate surgery after a traffic accident last weekend.

Though initially charged with a misdemeanor DUI, Shia was found to not be at fault for the accident. The other driver was determined to have run a red light.

“His two fingers are pretty mashed, but we’re figuring out a way to kind of write it in the story,” action blockbuster director Michael Bay told Access Hollywood.

In another Hollywood twist, Bay seems to have written off LaBeouf’s admission that he has a problem with booze.

“You’re gonna see—that’s gonna go away,” enabler Bay said of the misdemeanor charge. “He was not drunk. He was drinking hours and hours before.”

Bay also says that Shia has “his head together.” The same can’t be said for his hand.