Solange Is So-Orange

She had to leave the country to do it, but Solange Knowles—pretty much exclusively known as Beyonce Knowles’ kid sister—has her day in the sun.

To make the most of it, she wore an orange dress so bright it could be seen from outer space, along with the Great Wall of China and parts of Kim Kardashian.

The lesser-known Knowles was in London to appear on Good Morning TV’s GMTV Today for “a chat and performance,” presumably from her one-woman play, Confessions of an Invisible Sibling.

But wait; didn’t Beyonce give Solange an orange dress for her 22nd birthday last month?

An orange dress remarkably like the one she’s wearing in the above picture?

Why, yes; yes she did.

Sigh; guess any Solange glory still comes courtesy of Beyonce…