Verne Troyer: You Just Can’t Beat Him

And now it’s time for a little celebrity legal news.

Or is that little-celebrity legal news? reports that Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer is suing Ranae Shrider, his former girlfriend with whom he filmed a sex tape, for $20 million.

Troyer alleges that Shrider not only tried to peddle their documented love romp, but engaged in a campaign of emotional terrorism and battery against him.

And no, the battery charge doesn’t involve the time Shrider nearly drowned Troyer during a round of bathtub sex.

Troyer claims that Ranae once picked the lock of his door, pushed aside a 100-pound scooter that he’d used as a barricade, then threw him to the floor.

“When you pick up a 2′ 8″ human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts,” says Troyer’s attorney, Ed McPherson.

Whoa; sounds like someone’s speaking from experience!