‘90210’ Better Hope Shannen Doherty Delivers

It definitely took some convincing to get the infamous Brenda Walsh, played by notoriously ill-tempered actress Shannen Doherty, to agree to star in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210, the ’90s classic series about privileged but queerly afflicted high schoolers.

Doherty is returning as the musical director at the high school attended by the fresh nubile cast. The on- and off-screen bitchery of the original series will definitely be the hardest aspect to recreate this time around.

There is hope that old habits will fall back into place. Some of the other original cast members are also returning. Jennie Garth and many in the Peach Pit gang were unsurprisingly able to clear their schedules for shooting.

It’s time for the newbies to step up and pick a spat with Shannen.