How To Live Like… David Beckham

David Beckham is an international soccer sensation and a favorite of the female population. And now he’s the hottest man in Los Angeles. So what’s his secret? Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like David!


The Beckhams have become style icons, mainly due to Victoria Beckham’s fame in the fashion world. The couple is highly sought after by clothing designers, cosmetic manufacturers and hair dressers. David recently released a new line of aftershave called David Beckham Instinct.

He has been termed a “metrosexual,” but doesn’t limit himself when it comes to options. The fashionable star has sported many unique hairstyles, including long hair, cornrows, Mohawks, dreadlocks, ponytails, spikes, bleached locks and, most recently, a shaved head.


David’s soccer career started with Manchester United when he was only 17. His recently signed contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy earns him the highest salary of any major league soccer player in history.

Becks gets most of his workouts from soccer practices, but he also lifts weights and rides his bike to stay fit. David is extremely disciplined in his workouts. He recommends a long interval workout rather than a quick cardio one, as it is more efficient in burning body fat.

And as his Emporio Armani underwear campaign shows, David is just as hot undressed as he is with clothes on!


David and Victoria are often seen at restaurants such as Il Sole, Via Veneto and STK. He is known to be a “junk food” junkie, and harbors a love for hamburgers and coffee.
He recently admitted that he misses the food in England, and reminisces about its roast dinners and oven-cooked meals.


David enjoys himself both on and off the field. When he’s not playing soccer, he’s a full-time dad. Although raising three sons can be hard at times, he always enjoys his time with his wife and children.

He also spends his time donating to charity organizations. He is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, as well as a spokesperson for Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization that aims to end deaths caused by malaria in Africa.