Hulk Hogan Misses Child-Molesting Wife

Hulk Hogan told Access Hollywood that he wishes his marriage never ended.

“As crazy as that sounds to say, I wish I was still with my wife.”

Hogan and ex-wife Linda Bollea split in November. Since then, they have been embroiled in a nasty divorce battle—rife with arguments over their assets and accusations of stalking.

Hulk insistss that their split wasn’t designed to protect their assets from the family of John Graziano. John’s parents filed a lawsuit after their son was permanently brain-damaged in a car accident caused by Hulk and Linda’s son, Nick Hogan.

“If this is a ploy, [Linda] being intimate with a 19-year-old kid is pretty good acting,” Hogan says. “For me to be able to handle… my 50-year-old wife sleeping in a bed with a 19-year-old boyfriend and using my gym, and driving my cars, and living in my house. I guess we’ve got a pretty good act going on ‘cause that’s a lot to take on.”

Hulk should take heart. The kid sorta looks like him. That’s a tribute, right?

Hulk isn’t exactly pining away. He’s dating a woman who looks disturbingly like his daugher and his ex-wife.

And his boy Nick’s okay, too. He gets regular visits in jail from his mannish sister, Brooke.