Jon Hamm: It’s Tough Being a Chauvanist

His character and show have been nominated for a slew of Emmys, but Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is having a hard time reconciling with his small screen, sexist ways.

“I was raised by a single mom and am surrounded by strong women, so seeing females treated as nothing more than ornaments or toys doesn’t sit well with me,” Hamm gallantly tells the New York Post.

Actually, Jon, it’s very similar to the obnoxious groaning Katherine Heigl did about her own character in the movie Knocked Up.

Remember? Kat claimed that Knocked Up depicted women in a limiting, stereotypical view. Then she went on to do 27 Dresses.

A bit of advice: No one likes a whiner. Shut your yap, read the lines and stop thinking. Your bank account will thank you.

Now dance, puppet.