Kate Hudson: Ex Sex Is the Best Sex

OK! reports that four days after her break-up with cycling champion Lance Armstrong, Kate Hudson was spotted making out with ex-husband and father of her child Chris Robinson.

Hudson was seen kissing Black Crowes frontman Robinson on the front steps of her apartment in NYC after arriving with son Ryder. A witness says it wasn’t a chastely-greeting-the-ex-husband-of-my-kid-type kiss.

“They were really affectionate with each other and gave each other a kiss which lasted much longer then a platonic kiss should last—20 seconds, maybe a little longer.”

“Without going into all the details the kiss was more than just friends. They seemed like something more going on and were very affectionate with each other.”

What are the details? Go into them! Were clothes coming off?

“She and Chris have always been close and she turns to her exes after most of her breakups,” a friend of Hudson’s says.

So Lance Armstrong should be happy. Going by this information, when Kate breaks up with her next boyfriend, chances are Lance is going to be getting some.