Nikki Blonsky and ANTM Has-Been Busted in Beat Down

A skinny model girl, such as hair-experimental Bianca Golden from Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model, should never put herself between a heavy-set girl, such as Nikki Blonsky, a/k/a Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, and her food bowl airline seat.

Authorities in the island nirvana of Turks and Caicos told Us that they arrested both Blanca and Nikki, along with Nikki’s dad, after an altercation over seat assignments on an outbound plane turned ugly.

Actually, considering how those ANTM contestants look when they’re being fierce, maybe the altercation turned only half ugly.

Except that the injured woman had to be flown off the island for treatment. It is unclear whether Bianca Golden is that injured woman or was defending the woman or helped to beat her up.

Whatever. Nikki, physical age 19, showed up to court in a neck brace and is charged with actual bodily harm. Her father received the more serious charge of grievous bodily harm.

Blonsky has the profile of a person who’s been stuffing her feelings; evidently not stuffing them well enough.