Sienna Miller: Victim of Love

Poor, poor Sienna Miller.

The Daily Mail claims that the oft-shirtless beauty is “heartbroken” because her recent married fling, Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty, may be getting back together with his wife and four children.

Getty’s wife, Rosetta Millington, was believed to be preparing for divorce after photos of Getty frolicking with a half-naked Miller in the Italian surf emerged last month.

Balthy returned to Southern California last week to spend time with his kids and visit the couple’s Los Angeles home.

“I can’t comment [about the possible make-up],” Getty told reporters. “When I’m ready, I’ll issue a statement. It’s because of the children.”

The jilted Miller, 26, has retreated to the Virgin Islands to pull herself together in the company of her father, Ed Miller.

“Sienna felt she needed to get away from everything and try to gather her thoughts,” the paper’s source revealed.

Those thoughts may involve figuring out who she can sue in compensation for her heartbreak. She’s good at that sort of thing.

Go for it, Sienna! You’re the victim in all this.

All you did was publicly humiliate Getty’s wife. And now you can’t even go back to your own ex, Rhys Ifans, who’s moved on to the greener pastures of Kimberly Stewart.